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My Story


This most humble website took hundreds of hours, and years, to actually launch. It is only because of these most talented, generous people that it is out of my head, and now (hopefully) integrated into your todo list. My most heartfelt and eternal thanks are yours. Especially since I was so very, very flaky, unreasonable, somewhat manic and most certainly impossible to work with.

frog design was overwhelmingly supportive with it’s team and resources. Carrie Vincent: I want to be you when I grow up, Dawn Lozzi Kruzeniski: you are the best wing man this side of the Mississippi, Urban Faubion: I know why José had such a mancrush on you, and everyone else at frog: thank you, José loved working there.

A team of wonderfully talented designers worked on the site, long before I had any idea what I wanted it to look like or could communicate anything helpful to them. While you cannot see easily much of the work completed from this final version, every idea and revision added immensely to getting this launched. Sunshine Stevens, Scott Bokma, and Lori Menna you are geniuses. In the decade I have known and worked with Deborah Ro, she has always known exactly what to do and delivers the cleanest design with the most integrity possible.

Peter Gaucys and Mira Crisp have a special place reserved for them in heaven after helping me write down what I was ‘trying’ to say while cleaning up my foul language laced with a special disregard for grammar or any actual punctuation. Saskia Delores, always brilliant shepherd of the finish line, master of video and storytelling.

Thank the gods for men like Brecken Diller, you are a legal dream come true. Thank you for your always friendly and concise legal advice for the site and generosity with the documents.

Jibran Bisharat, you most lovely man, thank you for your always special blend of bombproof development and personal alchemy. I know you did not deserve all those revisions. You are a rock with the hugest heart.

As the goal of the site is to alleviate any unnecessary suffering, those who have lightened my load, or often carried it for me for far and long distances: Josh Lipsky saved me over and over when the paralyzing abyss of paperwork made me buckle. Tom Johnson’s ability to be a legal safety net and the most lovely and capable person on the earth still stuns me.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is the only person who really knows what to do and say when you are on fire, and then help you figure out what to do next. Jennifer Agostinelli’s compassion and capacity is super-human. Erin Galvin has been by my side bringing life into the world, and stewarding it out, there are no words for that. Connie Weiss-Dwyer is without a doubt the very best human being alive on this earth today. Lyric and Gabriel, you keep me tethered to this world, being a mom to you is the greatest gift I could have.