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Ideas? Comments? Just say Hi?

If you have questions, ideas and/or suggestions, please give a shout. Getting Your Shit Together is a work in progress. Please know I read all emails and try my best to (and sometimes can’t) get back to everyone.

Email: chanel [at] getyourshittogether [dot] org

Need Help?

Over the last few years since GYST launched I’ve gotten a steady stream (literally thousands) of the most crazy-amazing, gut-wrenching, life-inspiring, grief-kneeling letters from you all. I am so wildly and deeply honored. In these letters are requests for advice and more and more of y’all are asking for help around getting organized and getting it done. Staying on top of it. Like a project manager, mentor, or a GYST coach.

So, I’ve been helping. And, it turns out getting help gets shit done. So, please let me know if:

1) You have a story or advice to share and GYST can post your (anonymous) letter as so many of us can learn from each other, or

2) If you, or someone you know/love, needs help to get started (or finished) – from someone who’s been there before and after the shit hit the fan – I can help you get your shit together. Save time, hassle, energy and stress with a few hours of GYST love to get you moving.

Email: chanel [at] getyourshittogether [dot] org

Speaking at your Event?

Inquire about speaking at your community, workplace, or conference via the email above.