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Details: Round them up.

Here’s something you can do this evening over a glass of wine. Take one hour to jot down all of the passwords, numbers and other bits of information that you take for granted every day, but without which daily life would come grinding to a halt.

This document will save you time at least a few times a year when you can easily dig up a pin or account number. Worst case scenario, you’ll save your family hours of misery and stress spent calling around trying to clean up your piles of unsorted paperwork. Take it from me. It is nothing short of punishing to call credit companies and government offices saying over and over again, “My husband died and I am trying to locate/get access to xxxx.”

Keep details together:

The handy get your shit together Details template makes it easy to collect key information into one convenient doc. Whether you use our format or create your own, be sure to keep your details in a safe place, with a copy of your will. Let your power of attorney(s) know where it these documents are. It’s not a bad idea to store important papers like these in a safe container (thinking of natural disasters: a moisture-proof zip-lock bag or safe). Include stuff like:

  • Passwords: cell phone, computer, etc.
  • Official documents: Social Security Number, birth certificates, marriage certificate
  • Financial info: bank accounts, mortgage, credit cards, investments
  • Key contacts: basic info covering your most important people, including your medical power of attorney if applicable

Do it now:

Download the get your shit together Details template.