Summer Nudge Newsletter: Getting Our (Collective) Shit Together.

It’s been a while since I’ve jumped into your inbox because – you know, everything – but I want to reach out to share a few things plus one piece of news I am particularly excited about. I know so many of us are overwhelmed, feel underwater, and talking even *more* about death feels like too much – and as you also know, that’s kinda my job. And sometimes, it REALLY helps.

BIG NEWS: I joined the EOL Collective Team!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the team at the EOL Collective: All my work founding Get Your Shit Together in 2013, launching GYST in 2015, and the last six months of *everything* keeps showing me that we are often at our best when we’re in it together and helping each other.

The website has so many of the features I have always wanted to build – I love that you can see where you’re at and what to get done via the Roadmap, find service Providers near you, people in your Community, and who/what you might need in the Marketplace.

So – If you’re part of the health, death, or end-of-life planning community (from financial or legal planning to hospice and grief and loss) and you haven’t joined EOL, please consider joining us and let me know what you think!

Checklist: Have a ‘What-if’ Plan

This list for when ‘Life Goes Sideways’ is a few years ago but I still find it very helpful! “How to Handle It When Things Don’t Work the Way You Planned.

Podcast: WNYC’s ‘All of It’

I did this interview back in May and it feels like forever ago – I barely remember what I said but the host of the show, Allison Stewart, was wonderful to talk to. Have a listen.

Oh Yeah, I Wrote a Book!

I wrote this to help make hard times a little softer These days I believe the advice is just as, or even more, important. Please consider buying a copy for yourself or the ‘you know who’ in your life. Get the book.

I’m planning to send emails out quarterly(ish), but no matter how frequently you hear from me, I want to thank you for being a part of this years-long adventure and community of folks helping us all collectively get our shit together. I’m always thinking about y’all!


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