Monthly 4-Week Online Courses Now Available!

Get Your Essential To-Do List Done in 4-Weeks

Get the essentials end of life planning basics like wills, living wills, healthcare directives, emergency funds and ‘what if’ plans done! Registration is now open for: Session 1: Tuesdays in June and Session 2: Thursdays in June.

Join Chanel Reynolds in a small group online each week and finally get the financial, legal, digital and emotional planning and critical documents completed every adult must have.

  • GET STARTED (Week 1): Create your personalized checklist, what-if exercise, complete questionnaire, prioritize your goals and schedule to be successful.
  • LEGAL 101 (Week 2): Review, draft and complete the legal *must-do* documents like wills, power of attorney and advance care directive documents.
  • TIME & MONEY (Week 3): Emergency Funds, Financial Planning and Insurance. Getting your personal finances and insurance policies in order to cover your needs today and protect your vulnerable spots over the long haul.
  • DIGITAL ACCOUNTS, DETAILS & WRAP UP (Week 4): Wrangling the Details: Accounts, Documents and all the ‘Stuff.’ What You Leave Behind: Death, Dying and Legacy

I’ve taken over ten years of workshops, trainings, interviews, and research and road-tested and refined the tools and resources to get the biggest items on your to-do list done in a small and supportive group gathering. Take care of of these important tasks before life goes sideways, it’s easier than you think!

  • 30-page downloadable Course Workbook with master checklists, questionnaires, tools and resources for Before or After an illness or emergency.
  • One-on-one support: Join weekly ‘office hours’ for open Q&A or post class session conversation for additional support during your course.
  • Access to recorded class meetings to review course information or if you miss a weekly live session.
  • Weekly emails with additional instruction, tips, reminders and resources to keep you on track.

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