Spring Events, New Workshops & Courses

For everyone out there who is a mom, has a mom, or knows a mom – May means Spring, Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness month, all good reasons to get your shit together.

The High Functioning Happy Hour (free) event is back and monthly courses and workshops cover the how-to information and essential end of life planning every family and household needs.

“I’ve made more progress in this four week course than I have over the last four years,

Thank you.”

Chris J., Feb 2022

New & Upcoming Events

Join Chanel Reynolds and finally get your financial, legal, digital, emergency planning, and critical documents completed that every adult must have. Check out upcoming events, workshops, and courses.

Back by popular demand: The High Functioning Happy Hour is back!

Raise a glass with Chanel Reynolds and learn more about the core GYST items all adults need to complete. One-hour gathering with Q&A.

Free Monthly Event – RSVP Required

June 2022 Weekend Half-day Workshop

Perfect for busy individuals, couples and families ready to roll up your sleeves and get *shit* done!

Dates: June 4th, September & November

Registration $149 per Individual/Couple

About Courses & Workshops

I’ve taken over ten years of workshops, trainings, interviews, and research and road-tested and refined the tools and resources to demystify end of life planning and help you get the biggest items on your to-do list done. Take care of of these important tasks before life goes sideways, it’s easier than you think!

  • 80-page downloadable Course Workbook with master checklists, questionnaires, tools and resources for Before or After an illness or emergency.
  • One-on-one support: Open Q&A after each weekly, live gathering for follow up conversation, work-session, and individual support during your course.
  • Access to recorded class meetings to review course information or if you miss a weekly live session.
  • Weekly emails with additional instruction, tips, reminders, and resources to keep you on track.

Monthly Online Courses: How to Get Your Shit Together in 4 Weeks

  1. GET STARTED: Create your personalized checklist, what-if exercise, complete questionnaire, prioritize your goals and schedule to be successful.
  2. LEGAL 101: Review, draft and complete the legal *must-do* documents like wills, power of attorney and advance care directive documents.
  3. TIME & MONEY: Emergency Funds, Financial Planning and Insurance. Getting your personal finances and insurance policies in order to cover your needs today and protect your vulnerable spots over the long haul.
  4. DIGITAL ACCOUNTS & DETAILS: Wrangling the Details: Accounts, Documents and all the ‘Stuff.’ What You Leave Behind: Death, Dying and Legacy.