Microsoft Employee Benefits: Resources to help you get your family’s legal, financial and important life plans organized.

Get Your Sh*t Together Private Sessions are included in Microsoft’s Perks+ Benefits.

Getting our shit together is more important than ever and easier to complete than you might think! I look forward to helping you and your family get the information, resources, and additional support to help better navigate all of life’s moments.

Private Sessions for Individuals & Couples (Included in Perks+)

Chanel Reynolds guides you through three 1:1 sessions over the course of three months to help you get on track, make progress and get stuff done!

Take the Goals and Priorities Survey

Not sure where to start or what to do first? Take the brief goals and priorities survey included in the private sessions program and have a copy of your results emailed to you.

Checklist: Details Wrangler and Customizable Checklist

Keep track of your most important details and create your own checklist to keep you on track.

Thank you! Best of luck getting your *stuff* together and please let me know how I can help make it any easier.

Chanel Reynolds