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Checklist: Get Started.

The GYST Checklist is a handy, super-easy, round up of your critical to-do (must-do) list: an overview of what you need to know, where to start, and a tool to keep it all-in-one-place.

Do it now:

1. Download your Checklist (versions to the right).
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3. Ask friends for referrals or check out the GYST Resources page.


Important details change when you get married or divorced, move, have kids, switch jobs, etc.

Major life event = time to recheck your checklist. Scan it once a year to make sure everything is up to date.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. And pants. You’ll want those. The checklist can be your pants.

p.s. You really can do this. It’s true. In fact, you already do much harder things all the time.