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In the new book WHAT MATTERS MOST, Chanel Reynolds, Founder of Get Your Shit Together, tells readers everything they need to know to prepare for when life goes sideways.

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When her website launched in 2013, Reynolds captured global media attention with numerous interview requests, from a widely shared New York Times interview and video, to a NPR radio interview, and an interview on CBS This Morning. The popularity of Get Your Shit Together has now led to her debut book WHAT MATTERS MOST: The Get Your Shit Together Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance, and Life’s “What-ifs” (Harper Wave) which draws on her intimate personal experience, expert advice, and unparalleled resources. Blending personal narrative with hard-working information, WHAT MATTERS MOST expands, contextualizes, and illuminates challenges such as:

  • Creating legal documents like a will and living will
  • Updating (or finally getting) a life insurance policy
  • Keeping track of online accounts and passwords
  • Starting or growing an emergency fund
  • Keeping secure, up-to-date records of personal information

Chanel’s work has motivated millions of people worldwide to prepare for life’s major curveballs and offers the candid, approachable, profoundly practical guide we all need.


Advance praise for WHAT MATTERS MOST:

“Chanel Reynolds is an incredible person who has told a painful story in an amazing way, and this book will change the way you look at planning for the worst.” – Dr. Darrell Owens

“Estate planning, life insurance, wills? While these aren’t topics that most of us want to deal with, Chanel has already done the heavy lifting and provides a framework to make it easy. I now have a plan for plan. So, progress!” – Brandon, Seattle