Chanel Reynolds speaking at the International Association of Women event on Nov 10th.

How to Get Your $@&% Together to Prepare for Life’s ‘What-Ifs’ with Chanel Reynolds

Please join me, IAW and Trustworthy a new talk on this ‘timeless’ topic – how to get your shit together. This free online event focuses in the most important items, presented as a practical guide, to tackle getting your family’s most important stuff completed and organized. It’s time to stop putting off that must-do checklist and start preparing your family for life’s “what ifs!”

Whether you’re the COO of your household or busy taking care of family members, living without a few plans in place can leave family members in gigantic financial, legal and logistical mess during life’s milestone or difficult moments, whether big or small.

RSVP for this free event Wednesday, November 10th at 10:00 am Pacific time.