May Nudge and Mother’s Day Newsletter

In times where there are so many things out of our control – let’s take care of the things we can change.

Mother’s Day can be a complicated day for many and some would prefer to skip it entirely – we’re often remembering or missing someone close to us, or perhaps grieving the loss someone you never knew or are no longer speaking to. Motherhood and parenting is complicated, but getting our shit together for ourselves, our parents, our partners, our own own children is incredibly important to do.

If you are a mom, have/had a mom, or know a mom somewhere, getting your shit together is additionally important. Why? For starters (on average): women live longer, earn less so have less saved, shoulder more caregiving responsibilities, and are more likely to be alone in retirement.

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4-Week Courses in June

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Weekend WorkshopSaturday, June 4th. 10:00 am to 2:00 pm 

For those who prefer to roll-up your sleeves for a deep-dive, your much-requested weekend workshop is available. This workshop is online. (code: 25OFF4MOMS)

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Mother’s Day Resources, Events & Articles

Touching In: Grief in the Body (Saturday, May 7) – Oceana Sawyer is an End of Life Doula hosting this exploration of grief in the body.

Motherless Daughters (Saturday, May 7) – Claire Bidwell Smith and Hope Edelman, co-founders of Motherless Daughters Retreats, and your hosts for the Worldwide Mother’s Day Event.

Supporting Communities of Color through grief and end of life – Alica is the founder of Forneret Co.’s annual “Motherless Mother’s Day”, resources on her blog. And thanks for sharing your Mother’s Day events and resources.

Modern Loss. Candid conversations about grief. A treasure of resources and helpful articles in this section on loss of a mother.

Modern Widows Club (Saturday, May 14th) – Widow Empowerment Event. If you or someone you know is among the 70% of women who will face widowhood in their lifetime – this is a great group for you.

Closing the Crypto Gender Gap (Tuesday, May 17) – Free, virtual event on closing the crypto gender gap, hosted by theSkimm Money. Not exactly mom-specific but very important for our collective financial literacy and education.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

A few weeks ago I had the gigantic honor of speaking at an event alongside Wil Wheaton.

It was a virtual so I sadly didn’t get a chance to corner him and try to force him to Star Trek Geek Talk with me about Q, the Picard reboot (I would have TNG fan-girled it up!) or thank him for his brilliant writing about mental health and depression.

Grieving a loss does not mean something is wrong.

Grief and loss is different for everyone. Recently there’s been quite the dust-up regarding The American Psychiatric Association’s guidance on how long is too long to grieve. It’s complicated, so please read Megan Devine‘s from Refuge In Grief’s excellent article on mental health and grief.

Article: My Mom Has Her Shit Together

“Well, I have to say…I’m not seeing anything that will trigger probate or cause you issues.”

My father died very recently this is what the estate and probate attorney said to my mother and I over the phone today. I laugh-cried when she added that my mom had just a few “very straightforward” items to follow up on because so much had been organized in advance. So yes, getting your shit together really, really makes a HUGE difference. What an immense relief, for all of us.

This post lists the items that have helped my mom the most so far. Read Article

Private Courses for Individuals & Couples

Not into groups? No problem. If you’d prefer to get some extra support and one on one sessions, individual sessions can get you unstuck and moving forward. Your goals, your priorities, your timeline – and the nudges and coaching to finally get it done.

You can choose a 4-week or 3-month timeframe to schedule your sessions and work-plan.

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More updates will be coming this Month. Thank you for writing me to share that you got your will done or updated, talked to your kids, or parents, or partner, updated your beneficiaries, started an emergency fund or paid down your credit card.

Thank you everyone for getting your shit together!