GYST January Update: Your Monthly Nudge with Love & Must-Do To-Do List

Hello GYST friends and family!

It’s a brand new year and January’s monthly nudge first offers a gentle reminder to take care of yourself and family in the best way you’re able – the holidays, the pandemic, the economy, losing family, missing friends or any of the EVERYTHING we’ve navigated these last few years. It’s been a lot. *exhale*

So, as we step into 2023 with fingers crossed, good intentions and whether you’re stack-ranking resolutions or have resolved to never make them – here’s to kicking off a new year with all the thoughtfulness, kindness, abundance, awesomeness and sparkling bad-ass-ery that we can muster.

Please join me in welcoming a few more minutes of light each day, check out this month’s Must-Do list and I hope to see you at an upcoming event or class this winter.

I’m happy to begin 2023 with you,

Upcoming Events & Classes

NEW: In Person Workshop in Seattle, WA in January

In-Person Workshops are back! I hope you can join me and my friends at RevelEleven for this IRL weekend workshop to get our shit together – together! You will find tools and resources, get organized, save time, stress, money and make meaningful progress on your goals and todo list.

Details: Saturday, January 21st from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm PT
Included: Coffee, Lunch, Valet parking and comprehensive workbook

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Monthly Courses: GYST in 4 Weeks!

Live, small group gatherings meet weekly for step-by-step instructions, guidance and tools to get your legal and financial must-do list done.

Date: AM or PM live sessions each week.
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Weekend Workshop in February

Roll up your sleeves and make massive progress on essential end-of-life plans like wills, healthcare directives, emergency funds and ‘what if’ plans.

Date: Saturday, February 4th at 10:00 am PT
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1:1 Support for Individuals, Couples & Families

Don’t know where to start? Feel overwhelmed? No time? Getting your shit together is one of the most important and valuable investments you will ever make. Private sessions provide you the personalized guidance, step-by-step instruction and additional inspiration and accountability to get your household’s most critical plans done.
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3 Must Do’s Tasks This Month


Estate planning and probate (after a death) red tape, heartache, delays, costs and fights over who-gets-what can be minimized or avoided if you designate a beneficiary on EACH of your financial, investment and bank accounts.

  • WHY: These assets are *not* included in the probate process and are transferred much more quickly (it can take 1-2 years to close an ‘estate’)
  • HOW: You can do this online in 5 minutes or at your bank or financial institution – it’s FREE!


Round up important documents for close friends and family to easily locate when needed

Just like an earthquake kit or planning for a big storm, you also need ‘What-if’ plan. If that feels weird then image you’re planning an extended vacation or bigger medical procedure, what would you plan in advance?

  • WHY: The middle of an emergency is NOT a great time for reliable critical thinking or swift executive functioning because you’re maybe too busy freaking the f**k out and trying not to panic or remember how to breathe
  • HOW: Read my MarketWatch article on Planning for What-ifs


Where is your will? Bank account? Pharmacy? Doctor? Extra key? Can anyone find it if they need it? Put important docs in box others can find, share in an online folder, get a free password manager or sign up for a super comprehensive digital vault system – whatever works – just make it easier on your future self and family if/when life goes sideways.


  • WHY: I’m sure you can image the shit-show that could happen, also just trust me.
  • HOW: Read my article on Planning for What-ifs, read up on some resources that can help or sign up for a Class or Workshop and we’ll do it together.